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We invite you to experience the extraordinary taste of Exotic Routes fine teas, which evoke luxury, tranquility and pleasure. Even before you take a sip, the aromas of our fine teas will transport you along the beautiful exotic routes, from where they were sourced.

As well as being unmistakably delicious, our fine teas evoke a sense of adventure and discovery, a wonderful exploration of diverse flavours and aromas.

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Skilfully Blended To Create Inimitable Infusions

Unmistakably unique blends that will delight your palette


Our fine teas are sourced, treated and blended with the same dedication and expertise that you would associate with the world’s finest wines or whiskies.

Our skilled tea masters have travelled the globe for the finest, most exquisite gems of tea and these are then infused with evocative and imaginative ingredients to create blends that are a delight to savour and unmistakably unique.

Join us on this revolution to elevate tea into a symbol of exquisite taste and luxury.


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Bespoke blends for tea connoisseurs

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If you have any questions about our products, would be interested in serving our products at your establishment by being a wholesale partner or would like to order them as a corporate gift, please don’t hesitate to contact our Europe or Asia office, on the details below.